Consumer Sentiment

  • Consumer satisfaction outreach, monitoring and analysis
  • Employee surveys and perception analysis
  • Policy-based analysis, including political polling and initiative and referenda research
  • Industry leading capacity; 600 survey stations, located in 6 call centers, in three states and two countries; in-house multimedia web survey specialists
  • Over one million surveys successfully completed during the past two years
  • National, regional, local and micro-area research
  • Precision design programming and random sampling procedures
  • Broad cross section of industries served, from tourism to telecommunications, medical to manufacturing
  • Mobile telephone integration
  • Inbound and outbound survey capabilities
  • Industry leading quality controls and employee training
  • Open source client tracking, reporting and monitoring
  • Bilingual fielding capabilities

Selected Client Profiles

  • The Las Vegas Perspective

    For the past three years, Discovery has been conducting the Las Vegas residents survey on behalf of the Las Vegas Perspective. Billed as the most authoritative and comprehensive overview of the southern Nevada economy, the Las Vegas Perspective has been in publication for more than 30 years and is used by business leaders, media, elected officials and educators throughout the state.
  • The Clark County Regional Flood Control District

    Southern Nevada is prone to flash flooding. The Clark County Regional Flood Control District is not only charged with building out the region’s flood control system but also with educating the public relative to flood-related dangers. Discovery worked with the District to develop a research strategy that helped refine its marketing plan and was held out by District’s elected board and having provided outstanding insights.
  • The Nevada Development Authority

    The Nevada Development Authority is Nevada’s longest standing regional economic development agency. As part of its on-going research efforts, the organization retained Discovery to survey businesses relative to their perceptions of market conditions and their thoughts about alternative economic development strategies.